Great Adventure and Ecological Walk

2 options of nautical excursions for all tastes: extreme and ecological. You choose: sail with a boat below the jumps or take a trip on a rowing raft on a natural and ecological ride.

Great Adventure

On this excursion, you will have an adrenaline experience in the Iguazu National Park. All your senses will be tested when faced face to face with the San Martin and Tres Musqueteros jumps. You will enjoy the famous “baptism of the mists”. And get ready, because on this walk ... you're going to soak yourself completely! Duration: 2:15 hs.

Ecological Walk

From Garganta del Diablo station and by rowing rafts, you can have a silent, relaxing and high-contact navigation experience with nature. It is a 2.5km journey where you can connect with the rich flora and fauna of the river. Expert guides will put their trained eye at your service so that you know the secrets of the jungle beyond the catwalks. Duration: 30 minutes