Park trails

Organize your trip to know all the trails and jumps in their maximum splendor. Know the Iguazu Falls from below, above or get into the jungle, getting intimate contact with nature.

Lower circuit

It has 1.4 km of extension and gives you a totally different perspective of the jumps, getting so close that the water will splash you. You can see the jumps Dos Hermanas, Chico, Alvar Nuñez and Lanusse.

Upper circuit

It has an extension of 1.8 km and, as indicated by its name, allows you to see everything from above. The panoramic views of the Dos Hermanas, Chico, Ramírez, Bossetti, Adam and Eva and Bernabé Méndez jumps will be really wonderful.

Macuco Trail

The least visited and known of the park's circuits. It is a really recommendable path of 3.5 km (7km round trip) that immerses you in the jungle of the National Park, ending the tour in Salto Arrechea.

It is a dense path and lush vegetation where you can see from all kinds of animals and insects.